agaricus blazei extract

  • Product name: Agaricus Blazei Extract
  • Botanical name: Agaricus blazei
  • Part used: Mushroom,fungus,fruit body
  • Active ingredients: Polysaccharides 30%



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Agaricus blazei is a edible mushroom, commonly known as almond mushroom, mushroom of the sun, God's mushroom, mushroom of life, royal sun agaricus, jisongrong or himematsutake. 
Agaricus blazei extract Polysaccharides was found to has immune-modulating effects, and presented anti-infection and anti-tumor effects in animal studies.Currently, Agaricus blazei Murill remains under intense investigation, and the results are published in major scientific journals. agaricus blazei extract is one of the most promising anti-cancer remedies and stimulants of the efficient and broad-spectered innate immune system.


1. Agaricus blazei extract is used to anti-cancer;
2. Agaricus blazei extract is used to anti-infection;
3. Agaricus blazei extract is used to anti-tumor;
4. Agaricus blazei extract is used to enhance immunity.
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